Manual Flood Determinations

Click here to download the manual flood determination form


What is a Manual Flood Determination?


As you know, FloodInsights geocodes the location, and then geographically determines the flood zone by comparing the location to digital maps of flood plains.In a small percentage of cases, the system cannot find the address that you entered.This is generally due to a newer street, or a street where the address ranges are not known.In this case, you can try the manual placement feature.However, if you canít really discern where the point should be placed, then you are stuck. You canít get the answer.So what do you do now?


With a manual determination, a person actually does research so that you will always get an answer, and the answer will be correct.


When Should a Manual Determination be Used?


®      If FloodInsights cannot find the address

®      If you are very close to the edge of the zone, and would prefer that an expert makes the determination

®      If you donít get a very good georesult (Ex. S1, S2, S3)

®      If you are not sure if the subject is placed in the proper location, and you donít feel comfortable using manual placement to move it


What is the General Turn-Around Time for a Manual Determination?


Most are completed within 1-2 hours of the request.99% of manual flood zone determinations are completed within one (1) Business Day, provided that we have been supplied with a complete and unambiguous address of the structure(s).


What information is returned in a Manual Determination?


SFHA:Special Flood Hazard Zone Ė This is the 100-year floodplain.Returns In or Out, telling whether or not the property falls within the SFHA zone.

Community Number:A 6-digit standardized community code defined by FEMA.

Community Name: Name of the community.

Zone:The type of flood zone as specified by FEMA.

Panel:The panel number of the paper map associated with this flood zone area.

Panel Date:This is the date that the map was produced and/or last updated, whichever is newer.Formatted as (month, day, year).

FIPS Code:The FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standard) standardized county code.

Census Tract:Census tracts are small, relatively permanent statistical subdivisions of a county or statistically equivalent entity delineated by local participants as part of the U.S. Census Bureauís participant statistical areas program. (U.S. Census Bureau).

*A map is not included.

What information is needed?


All of the required information can be found on the manual flood order form (click through).But essentially, we need the address, who to contact with questions, billing information, and information on how and where to send the results.


Note:†† If the information you provide is incomplete, this will slow your determination down.They will probably need to contact you for more information.This is why they ask you for contact information.

How do I order a Manual Determination?


We have a simple electronic form that you can use.Click here to download the form.


How Do I pay for a Manual Determination?


There is a space for credit card info on the manual determination form.


How will the answers be returned to me?


You can either have the answer emailed or faxed to you.The submission form has an area where you specify where/how to return the results.


Why do I have to fill out a separate form?


We are working on integrating the manual order form directly into FloodInsights so that you wonít have to re-key your information.This will be completed soon.


Are the Manual Determinations Guaranteed (Certified?)


No.We donít guarantee them, although we believe that they are correct, and go through the same process as guaranteed (Certified) determinations do.