Frequently Asked Questions

How do credits work?

Load your account with credits and request reports as you need them.

How long are my credits valid?

Credits expire one year from the date of purchase.

Why would I use FloodInsights to obtain flood zone reports?

FloodInsights provides Guaranteed Flood Determinations to assist in rating flood insurance policies with the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

We also provide Flood Zone Determination reports using a point-in-polygon method to provide flood data for a specific geocoded point based on address or latitude/longitude provided.

What flood information does FloodInsights provide?

FloodInsights provides the following FEMA information:

Which appraisal form companies do you integrate too?

FloodInsights integrates with several of the leading appraisal forms companies. Learn more.

Why do some properties have missing map panel information?

These communities or areas with missing panel information are not, for a number of different reasons, "Regular" participants in FEMA's National Flood Insurance Program. Depending on which information field is missing, blank information fields can tell you about a Community's FEMA status and/or its flood risk.


  1. No Panel Suffix
    • Most of FEMA's earliest maps (Flood Hazard Boundary Maps) were issued without suffixes. Some FHBM maps are still in use today.
  2. No Panel Number or Suffix and Zone is "X"
    • NSFHA - No Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA). These are communities that do not contain a SFHA and have low to moderate risk as determined by FEMA. FEMA assigns community numbers and a Zone X designation. FEMA issues no maps for these NSFHA communities.
  3. No Panel Number or Suffix and Zone is "N"
    • These communities do not participate in FEMA's National Flood Insurance Program and have a Zone "N" designation.
  4. No Panel Number or Suffix, Community Number contains an "X" and Zone is "Z"
    • Unclaimed Areas - Resulting from discrepancies or inconsistencies between community boundaries. When any one community does not claim this area, these areas are identified with a special Community Number containing one or more "X" and a Zone "Z" designation.
  5. No Panel Number, Suffix and the Zone Community Code uniquely contains one or more "X"'s
    • FEMA Exempt - Military Bases, National Parks, Indian Reservations, etc. These areas are exempt (i.e. no flood study conducted) from the National Insurance Flood Program (NFIP). FEMA issues no Community, Panel or Zone designations for these areas. These areas are identified with a special Community Number containing one or more "X" and a Zone "N" designation.

How many sinkholes in the state of Florida does FloodInsights account for?

Our comprehensive sinkhole database accounts for over 18,900 sinkholes in the state of Florida. Our database continues to grow as we discover new sinkholes.

What other integration options do you offer?

For high volume customers, FloodInsights offers custom web services that can automatically pre-fill your application with flood data. Contact us at 855.622.9071 or Email for more information.